ONE & ONLY PROPOSALS + Special Events. Bringing romance back to life.

It's never too early, or too late in a relationship to do something special for the one you love: 

Marriage Proposals
Engagement Parties
Unique Date-Nights
Personalized Getaways
Random Acts of Romance

how it works

  1. WE MEET - Before we create the package, a client questionnaire will be sent to you to get an idea of your partner, their interests, and of course, how your love story began and evolved. We set up a time where a member of our team will meet you in person or over the phone and pitch you 3 ideas. Our clients select the idea they love, or mix and match the ideas to create one final concept. 
  2. WE CREATE - All stressful details are handled, all services and reservations are booked on your behalf, and execution of contracts and payments for the event are managed. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors, you have one point of contact to manage the entire event. We guarantee to keep close communication with the client throughout the duration of this period.  We are there every step of the way through online and in-person support. Whether you are nervous or have a last-minute venue change, we promise to work through all of your needs. 
  3. THE DAY - The idea is brought to life and executed flawlessly from start to finish. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as we guarantee all i's will be dotted and t's crossed with our exceptional attention to small detail. All you need to worry about is hearing, "YES!" or "I LOVE THIS!" 
  4. AFTERWARDS  - Keep in touch! We want to know how you're doing, how the wedding plans are coming along, if baby #1, #2 or #5 are on the way. Many couples have gone to the extent of asking us to the plan their bachelor/ette, gender reveal, or even be their Wedding Coordinator for the day of their wedding. How can we say no?! We appreciate you wanting us to be apart of your story so, we consider ourselves lucky!     

"Our clientele reach out because they understand the importance of creating their significant other's ideal love story. One & Only makes it happen." - Sibyl, CEO & Founder.

We promise to be your wing-woman every step of the way and give you insight that you, your friends or family haven't thought of. For example, What is the #1 thing she is going to do after you put the ring on? Take a picture with you and the ring (of course), to post on social media later. "I know," you say. But, have you noticed if her nails are done? A little detail... but very important to say the least since this photo will be printed/posted EVERYWHERE. Wait, what? You didn't hire a hidden photographer to capture the moment? 

"We save you time, save you money, save you from stress, and save the surprise... All while creating an experience, a memory and story that your partner will be proud to share."  - Sibyl, CEO & Founder.

Since the 2015 launch, One & Only has become the leading proposal and special events expert in Canada.  We are determined to work with any budget, and guarantee that your partner will be truly surprised at how much thought is put into the moment. Let us take care of all the small and large details, leaving you to focus on enjoying the event as much as the love of your life.


One & Only supports local businesses and will try and incorporate them into any marriage proposal or special event.