The options below are One & Only Proposal + Special Events most popular Spring and Summer packages.
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Make your special moment unique to you. No request is too small or too large.
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Ever been on a walk and seen a breakfast or dinner pop up out of thin air? One & Only can make this happen for you in the blink of an eye. Take your significant other out and have a romantic moment set up in your favourite place. Share Eggs Benedict overlooking the river, or steak and potatoes in the middle of the tennis court. We'll pop up where you first met, where you had your first date, or somewhere special to your relationship. Let us create a fairy tale moment right in front of your eyes.

Hot Love.jpg


Peaceful, calm and serene, imagine floating on air over breath-taking landscapes. Whether you want your engagement to take place at incredible heights as you drift across the beautiful landscapes or on land with your traditional Champagne toast, we are more than happy to help you make your hot air balloon proposal unforgettable. Just imagine how surprised and happy your loved one will be, not to mention the amazing photos. 


Lights, camera, action

Your partner comes home and opens the door to find a candle trail leading outside. They notice the vintage styling in the garden complete with picnic rugs, cushions, candles, vintage crates and alike. Suddenly the cinema screen turns on and a slideshow of your most memorable moments turn on. When the final large screen pops up, saying, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ you appear from behind the screen. You celebrate with wine, a delicious charcuterie board and relax watching your favourite movie.

ONLY star I see TOnIGHT

An evening under the stars begins with the perfect picnic and ends with a sparkle in the sky that is named after the love of your life. One & Only will set up a beautiful picnic or dinner under the moonlight, in a location of your choice. Romance is something that becomes intimate as soon as the sunsets, and we want to show your partner just how romantic it can be. Name a star after your forever, and share a moment looking through a telescope to show them exactly where they are. Your future wife or husband will be thrilled to know you will always think of them when the day ends and the stars come out. 


Throw your future fiancé the surprise party of their dreams. We'll set you up on whatever your budget may be and take care of all the invitations and planning. Don't let yourself stress over the perfect party AND proposal. With our local vendor Concorde Group on board, One & Only can take care of booking the perfect location for you and your partner. This is for the person who is the life of the party and enjoys nights out with their friends no matter the occasion. Along with a great party, the location of your choice will set up a private and intimate rooftop proposal for you & the love of your life.

+surprise photographer And/or videographer

Get spruced up for a romantic couples photoshoot at a location of your choice, and surprise your love with a marriage proposal that wows! Not only will they be lost for words when you drop down on one knee, but your magic moment will be captured on film for you to treasure for years to come.

+Add this to any proposal or special events package for a discounted rate.