“Bradley & I met through a good friend in 2012. I was at a friend’s house neighboring with another friend, when my girlfriend and I decided to hop the fence to go say "hi" to the other party. Single and ready to mingle I noticed Bradley right away. He was tall, handsome, charismatic, but also incredibly funny. I have to admit though, finding a tall guy to compliment my height was a bit of a challenge, so that was a huge bonus! A few minutes into the party, Stephen introduced us, but we both never said much to each other after that. A few weeks later Brad strolled into my work place in the morning. I worked at Astral Media with Stephen, so I wasn't surprised to see him stop by. Greeting him at reception, we made more of an effort to chat. We connected on social media, soon exchanging numbers after that, which then lead to us hanging out more often. Getting to know Brad on dates, I knew the rest was history. We connected right away. There has always been something about him that I adore and cherish. He has the ability to make me feel so loved in many ways that nobody else ever could. Coming up to the 4 year mark were both happy and in love. I don't see that ever changing. Love you babe!” - Samantha

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