"Mike and I met last year at a charity Sno Pitch tournament. He was on our work team because he's friends with my coworkers. I had to ask someone who he was. Anyway by the time the day game to an end they were about to head out, but we were going to meet up later and we exchanged Instagram handles which I thought was weird why not just numbers, but hey it had already been a long day of drinking. Eventually I direct messaged Mike and he gave me his number and then we met up at a bar on Stephen Ave. He will probably hate me saying this but myself and another friend arrived to see two people outside smoking but no Mike, I went into the bar and he was sitting in a booth just smashed. I went over and sat by him and he perked up, even in all his drunkenness I knew I was going to have a crush on this guy. 

Fast forward to the Christmas break, Mike and I had been snapping each other a bit but hadn't seen each other since Sno Pitch. We were both out on 17th Ave with friends and decided to meet up at one of the bars. After a bit of trying to entice him to make a move I finally just grabbed his hand and leaned into him. I think he was a bit surprised but he didn't pull away. After that we started to go out on dates and out on weekends and just got to know each other more. I'm always scared of making a move but grabbing his hand that night was the best decision I've made." - Keira

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