"Hannah blew me away on the first date. I remember texting her afterward "best mind sex ever" because we talked for hours. We were so in sync it actually shocked me. So I wouldn't admit I was in love for another 6 months and several moments of pushing this overwhelming experience away. I do remember very distinctly the moment I could admit to myself I was in love. It was the night we broke up. I went over to Hannah's to 'discuss the relationship'. We talked again for hours, raw and open, and I admitted that I was completely overwhelmed and in love with Hannah, but wasn't ready...what an idiot! It didn't take much more than a week and we were getting back together, it was only weeks after we started discussing longer term plans and married 6 months later :)

I feel like Hannah and I were cut from the same cloth. We both love many of the same things, we have the same energy in life and we love each other passionately. Truly, she's taught me how to love. Hannah has an open heart and mind and gives freely to everyone around her. Her openness comes with an intense intuition to dig deep into situations and emotions and bring truth and healing. She's special, that's what I love about her.

I've never felt so known by someone as I do Hannah.  She knows me at my worst and my best and has been an incredible partner throughout.  We often speak about our home being a sanctuary.  A place of rest, of community, of health and love and for our home never to be a place of discord.  I honestly don't know how to go back to life before Hannah, before having this place of peace that our relationship has become." - Dave

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