Before you click "post," reconsider what you're putting out there. Some posts might not seem offensive, but it will put your relationship in jeopardy. For instance...

1. Don't Post What Happens Between The Sheets

First of all, gross. Second of all, it's too much information that no one cares about. 

2. Keep Personal Details About Your Partner To Yourself

You might think it's cute that your girlfriend or boyfriend sleeps with their baby blanket. But he/she probably doesn't want their coworkers to get that little glimpse into her intimate life.

3. Save The Mushy Stuff For Each Other

The world doesn't necessarily want to know your secret pet names. 

4. Keep Unapproved Pictures Of Your Partner On The Camera/iPhone

People are weird about what they consider "unflattering" when it comes to images of themselves. What your girls or boy friends may think it funny, is not funny when it comes to your significant other. 

5. No One Wants To See You Tongue-Wrestle

Trust us. Nobody. You have nothing to prove.

6. Don't Post Just Looking For Validation

We're trained to take our friend's likes and comments as accurate measures of value. That's a big mistake when it comes to relationships. Are you happy with your partner? If so, it doesn't matter how many likes your selfie gets.

7. The Inside Scoop On The Breakdown Of Your Relationship Doesn't Need To Go Public

Breaking up can make you feel crazy. Still, if you can keep at least a thin strand of ego tethered to reality, it's best to resist the urge to vent on social media.