With the excitement and magic in the air, it’s no surprise that December is one of the most popular months to get engaged. If you are planning on getting down on one knee this Christmas, remember... the person you are proposing to wants the ideal engagement story they can tell EVERYONE over and over again throughout the holidays.

Make it memorable. 

Here is a list of One & Only’s favorite small proposal ideas this Christmas:

1. Winter wonderland adventure – on a perfect snowy day, take your significant other to an adorable outdoor picnic complete with candles, Christmas lights, blankets, hot chocolate, a firepit, and smores.

2. Go play in the snow – show them that Frosty can be romantic too. Build her an epic snowman and ask them to take off the hat so you can fix something. Underneath the hat? A beautiful diamond.

3. A night in the city – we love our Pop-Up proposals and we think you will too! Stumble upon a romantic pop-up dinner and finish the night off with a skate in Olympic Plaza.

4. Christmas lights – spell out “Marry Me” in a beautiful display of lights for all to see. Make it a Griswold family light show (without the fuse box issues).

5. Big box, little box – wrap their “gift” up in box after box after box. The smaller they get, the more you’ll get to see their adorable frustration turn into tears of joy.

6. Into the woods – for those of you who are a little more hands on, we recommend heading into the forest to cut down a real Christmas tree, setting it up in the middle of the woods with “marry me” in lights, and bringing your significant other out to the perfect and intimate location chosen in advance.

7. Knock knock – ask a local singing group to come to your door and sing their favorite Christmas carols. Within the beautiful songs? A proposal they’ll never forget.

8. Sweet love – share some delicious baking by the fire, but have one of your cookies shaped as a diamond. Popping the question will be the only icing you’ll need.


9. On the ice – take them for a skating trip at your local ODR and give them a spin they’ll never forget. Plus, you could probably add getting down on one knee on ice to your resume.

10. Drink up – pour them a hot cup of coffee by the fireplace and as they finish ask them to peek at the bottom. A mug with the words “marry me” is an intimate way to propose to your shy significant other.

11. Family gathering – are they very close with their fam? Go public for this proposal and try out our Eat, Drink, and Be Married package!

12. Cozy up – you don’t always have to go big to win the love of your life over. Just snuggle up by the fire and remind them of why you love them now, and why you’ll love them always.

13. Gift treasure hunt – set them up on the perfect holiday-themed scavenger hunt with lots of local vendors and adorable perks.

14. On the tree – buy a new ornament just for them. A ring hidden within a beautiful new memory would be the perfect way to surprise your significant other and pop the question.

If you need any last minute consultation before you pop the question this Christmas, give One & Only a shout. We will be more than happy to give you guidance or execute from start to finish. Good luck!

What are some of your favorite Christmas proposal ideas? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments.