Relationships are important, because they provide you with an opportunity to share all of your days moments without any judgement, or fear that they won’t care. Your significant other (just like your mom has to tell you you’re smart), always has to be interested in your day. It’s a part of love, and it’s a part of life. But what happens when you need a break?

Because it’s normal you know, to need a break from one another. And I don’t mean a Ross & Rachel type break where you miscommunicate and ruin things for 6 more seasons. I mean, a break where you’re still together, but apart.


Not only are group dates relaxing and easy, they are a great way to try new things, all while enjoying good socialization with great friends, and even better food.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should go back in time, and relive the glorious group date days:

1)      Spend time with your bae, and your besties, without leaving anyone out.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether you should do dinner with your significant other, or hit the mall with your best friend. Well maybe you can do both. With this BRAND NEW group date night. Okay, I think you get it.

2)      Break the “small talk” cycle.

After being in a relationship for a long period of time, we often lose ourselves in the small talk, and forget to have meaningful conversations. Or forget to listen at all. Try to break the cycle by bringing new conversations to light with another couple.

3)      Hang out with another couple who understands what it’s like to be in a relationship.

Hanging out with another couple can make it easier to joke about your significant others ridiculous snoring. First of all, they won’t joke about how whipped you are, or how annoyingly cute you are together. And second of all, they are probably going through the exact same things.


So here’s an idea: make sure your weekend doesn’t sake, (get it?) with this amazing and new Goro + Gun specialty date night. Not only does Goro + Gun have amazing food, but they also have the perfect date night for you and your significant other (plus a couple of friends).

Their hands-on sushi rolling experience will teach you just how easy it is to make your own rolls, and learn the proper techniques. Don’t forget the Miso soup that’s included in the 45-minute class. Sake 101 classes can be added on top of sushi rolling for an amplified experience. Their Sake Expert will walk you and your date through the basics of Sake in this not-so-basic date night. Learn the history, how it’s made, and most importantly – how to best enjoy it!

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