1) Show him a picture

Showing him a picture is a great way to leave hints for your perfect ring. If he’s thinking about popping the question – he’ll show great interest in what you’re showing him. Try leaving hints, like finding your perfect ring and leaving it open on your computer screen by accident, keep your Pinterest account open, or pointing out celebs with beautiful rings and what you love about them.

2) Have a friend drop a hint

Tell a friend the type of ring you would love. He will mostly likely look for a trusty friend or relative to help him out!

3) Just get the diamond

If you’re worried about him picking out something you won’t like, it may be a good idea to tell him to just pick out the diamond. If he presents you with a diamond at the proposal you then have the luxury of custom designing your band to the diamond.

4) Point it out

Next time you’re casually at the shops and walking past a jewelers just slow down and casually point to a beautiful ring you love. Don’t make it too obvious as it could get awkward if his intentions are different. Just casually point out that’s the type the ring you would love and he’ll take note if he wants to propose.

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