You always hear people in love say, "When you know, you just know." We came to fully understand this phrase when Gagan reached out to One & Only wanting to propose to his girlfriend Kimi.

"[...] we hit it off almost instantly. It was like we knew we were destined for each other. Sort of like love at first sight," described Gagan. 

Gagan and Kimi's first date was in April of 2016 and he insisted he wanted to pop the question in July (on Kimi’s birthday), just three months later.   

"I met Kimi not too long ago, but the moment I saw her I had decided that I will marry this girl. I had never felt like this before in my life. She has the kindest heart, the caring touch and lights up the room with her beautiful smile."

We knew instantly that 'On Top Of The World' would be the best proposal for this couple. This proposal is perfect for someone who loves bold and exceptional surprises, and we were going to ensure they had a wonderful moment and memory to share for the rest of their lives. Gagan loved it!

The couple took a helicopter ride above the mountains in Kananaskis and shared a romantic picnic (include champagne and chocolate covered strawberries) at the peak, with a fair-tale ending that blew Kimi away, and her screaming from the mountain top, “YES!”

We are happy to announce that Gagan and Kimi are not wasting any time to start their lives together, and planning their wedding for this December. We couldn’t be happier for you both, and wish you nothing but a life full of long lasting love <3