Matt reached out to One & Only in December and asked if we could assist with his and Liz's anniversary. He did not mention that he was planning on proposing, but we knew that December 23 was the important night (can't help that we have a sixth sense about these kind of romantic gestures).

As scandalous as this may sound, Liz and Matt met at work. They were on the same creative team for the company Liz still works for, and became fast friends. They were both hesitant about getting together because of the fact that they were coworkers but they both had strong feelings for each other. At one point, those feelings were too strong to ignore so they decided to start dating.

Liz expressed to us, "the 'I love you's' came at 4 months, our first trip together was at 5 months, and we bought our first house together after a year and a half. We've already been through a lot of milestones together and we're excited for the many more we had coming our way."

It was their 3rd anniversary and Matt had a day of surprises planned for Liz. The first surprise was that they were staying the night in the Fairmont Palliser downtown. Liz apparently had mentioned to Matt months before that they should stay somewhere for their anniversary (he listened!). After they got to the hotel and settled in for a few minutes Matt told Liz he had a couples massages booked at the hotel spa at 4:30. After their massage they relaxed even more in the hotel pool and hot tub. They had dinner that evening at Charcut, so they were able to have a couple drinks and walk back to the hotel. When they got back to the hotel, Liz thought it would be a great idea to grab one more drink in the hotel bar. Matt agreed, but said they should go upstairs and drop their coats off first. When they got back to the room, Liz opened the door to rose petals and lit candles all over the room.

"I'm talking the floor, tables, the bed. Everywhere! Stupid me not thinking a proposal was coming (Matt was too calm and collected for me to think anything was up), I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures of the room," expressed Liz.

All Liz remembers from the actual asking part was Matt walking towards her, pulling the ring box from behind his back, and him getting down on one knee.

"I wish I could tell you what he said! After my brain computed what was going on I started bawling and gave him a big hug. After our hug I realized I hadn't said yes yet, and blurted out "Yes, yes I will!". After that I opened the ring box to find my beautiful engagement ring that I have yet to stop staring at. He's my best friend, my other half and the love of my life, and I'm very excited to be spending the rest of my my life with him. The proposal was hands down the best day of my life."