"How does one know they’re in love? I always wondered this question. What would it feel like, how long would it take & what if I never find it? This question vanished the day we locked eyes.

Him and I met at Tommy's Pub in Banff. It was the night before a ski race so he was in town with all his ski buddies as well as his brother. We had mutual friends in common and my friends wanted me to go out. Despite not really wanting to go out, I was convinced after a few drinks. The second I walked up to the table where all our friends were (and where Lupe was) we got introduced, locked eyes and I instantly felt butterflies. We started talking and by the time we left the pub, we were holding hands and inseparable. We went out dancing at a few nightclubs in Banff and had a really fun time. I played a little hard to get over the weekend but when we finally met up for a proper date, the butterflies were still there. And as they say, the rest is history... :)

You took my hand and I never let go. What I’ve learned this far is that there is no knowing with love; for us it was all about a feeling. Never lose that feeling and you’ll never be short on love." - Ange

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