“I found my soul mate.
They always say "they come when you're not looking". My love story, bloomed from that exactly. I never did find dating easy from the very get go. It was over two years ago that i finally threw in the towel. I felt better, more confident then ever and i was strictly doing ME.
a few short weeks later, I never thought i would be meeting the man that i can see myself spending the rest of my life with. Behind the scenes, my best friend and husband (who he worked with) were trying to set us up, by forced facebook friend requests and plans to meet up. It took me weeks to accept the friend request and i had no desire to meet this man. July 25th 2015, the annual celebration of the Millarville cabaret starting with my best friend hosting a big backyard bbq. I knew this character i was suppose to meet one day was going to be there, and i simply stated that i am not going to the cabaret but i will come and say hello to my girlfriends at the bbq and spend the rest of my time visiting my parents who live in town. The MOMENT i walked into the backyard, i saw him, grabbed my girlfriend and told her "I'm coming to the dance." (funny how things change so quickly). We hit it off instantly. He wasn't my typical type, but that's what made him that much more desirable. He was quiet, shy, and oh so sweet. No exchanging of numbers that night, but a facebook message the next morning lead to making plans two weeks down the road when he was back in town, and ever since then, we were inseperable. Our first date we had planned, which i was 98% about to cancel due to a breakdown and emergency call in to work. I have bailed on many dates before (sorry to any of you who are reading this), it was just easy. But for some reason, i had a feeling that this guy was going to turn my day around. He picked me up at my home in Calgary in his truck, i had a 6 pack in hand and stated "do you mind? i can use it." (great first date impression i know) and we took an evening drive across the river ford, all the way out to a hill top out in small town Longview to look over the towns and city lights at night. Even though he worked at 6am the next day, dropping me off at home by 4am was acceptable due to a great night. To the grave, we will still argue about who really did plant the first kiss (it was me.) its been over two years now that we have been on this rollercoaster of love, and i wouldnt want to be riding it with anyone else. He is my best friend, he keeps me grounded, he keeps me alive, he is my everything. A life without him, would be dull.  Though we have taken “breaks” we were never apart. Always talking, always hanging out. It seemed impossible to ever go our seperate ways...Here i am today, telling my love story and i couldn't be more sure about our love. My love story is raw, its real, and it flows with ups and downs every single day, and i embrace it all. I hope that everyone finds there soul mate like i have found mine. And when things get hard, hold on even tighter,  because i promise you this love is worth fighting for.” - Nicole

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