"I was just graduated from University in Venezuela as an electrical engineer, I was looking for jobs and I found a good job in Caracas, my family knew her family, so they talked to her mom to see if I could stay at her home the first month or so while looking for places to stay. On my way to the city on a bus very late at night I was basically prying to find a good women I could love. I got off the bus at the main terminal, took a taxi cab to her house with a very vague address description, later on she told me that she text me the address like that so I could not find the house, I had to make many stops in order to find her house asking many people if they knew the area. When I finally found her house her mom opened the door and guided me through her house. I was eating when she stepped in the kitchen, she said hi but I couldn’t hear her since I was so hungry because of more than 6 hours of a trip. After her uncle said, hey Angelim just said hi, I turn around and replied in embarrassment hi! 

The rest was history... 

I just knew I loved her smile, the way she thinks, the way I feel when she was around, I loved when she was mad at me, I pretty much loved everything about her. I don’t remember when I actually said 'I Love You' for the first time, but that day was the day I opened my eyes to what was happening in front of me and inside of me." - Freddy

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