Taylor and Lindsay knew each other for about 6 years before they finally got together. They were both in love term relationships at the time, but they both knew they had a connection that they couldn't deny. They stayed in touch over the years, and when they were both single, they tried to give it a go. Taylor lived in Saskatoon and Lindsay was in Calgary, but they traveled back and forth every weekend for 6 months until they fell in love with one another. Taylor denied to bite the bullet and quit his job, sole his condo, and moved to Calgary to see if this love was a forever thing. 

Three years later, "a relationship too good to be true," Taylor's love for Lindsay's beautiful, smart, honest, loving and genuine, led him to get in touch with One & Only to assist with his marriage proposal.   

The morning started with Lindsay waking up to Daisies (her favourite flowers), and the first clue for her custom-made scavenger hunt proposal.

As she finished getting ready and headed outside, her private vehicle was waiting with her favourite coffee and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, along with her second clue.  

Next up on the beauty-filled scavenger hunt was a quick stop at Vanity Vault for a manicure and a blowout, before heading to the second location of 27 Boutique to choose 1 of the 3 outfits that Taylor picked out for her (with a little bit of help from One & Only's personal 'Hitch').

Finally, the bride-to-be was all set for her close up as Taylor had hired a professional photographer to take photos upon her arrival. 

As Lindsay followed the signs and arrows throughout the forest pathways, she eventually found her way to finding the love of her life in a secluded and hidden gem in Calgary. Waiting in the beautiful Griffith Woods of Calgary was Taylor and their dog Molly that fashioned an adorable pink bow and a sign stating, “Will You Marry Dad?”.

It is fairly obvious that her answer was “YES”! And how could it not be? Lindsay and Taylor spent hours by the creek where a an picnic was setup for the couple to enjoy. The picnic included lunch from UNA, and their favorite wine from Painted Rock

We are excited to announce the pair has already picked their wedding location in Summerland, British Columbia. Couldn't be more excited for the parents of Molly, and what the future will hold. Congrats!   

Much love, One & Only <3