"I met Luke when I was 15. Fifteen!! When you start dating someone in high school, no one expects you to go the distance, but here we are 9 years later and I don't think we have ever been more in love. (cheesy right?) 

We've watched each other grow & change in so many ways and I really admire the person he has become; the couple we have become. We have so much fun together & I think that's one of the most special things about our relationship. We are so goofy, and comfortable with each other. We're best friends. 

9 years obviously comes with its ups and downs. Multiple stints of long distance taught me that the most important thing is where we end up. We've been through a lot together and it's all been worth it...even the really crappy bits. We can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together & it's all simply building up to that! To this day I still step back, look at him, and think to myself "I am SO in love with you!" It's pretty amazing." - Karaline.

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