Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved Valentine's Day. To me, Valentine's Day is like an unspoken love affair that I can't get enough of (kind of like Super Bowl Sunday for most males out there).  

Regardless of my relationship status, as a hopeful romantic, Valentine’s was and still is a day that I cherish. Every year on February 14th, with enthusiasm, I watch as Valentine's Day guarantees that everyone will be surrounded by heart-shaped reminders telling each other we love each other, that we are important in each other's lives. Yes... it "should" be all year round. But life happens and we don't always do the things we "should."

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day alone, with buddies, girlfriends, or perhaps a loved one, here are 5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas that One & Only promises won't disappoint:


  • What: The Blues Can is a Live Blues Bar located in historic Inglewood. Their schedule is filled with live performances every day of the week. Their lineup is great with both big names and local performers. The atmosphere is perfect: dark and intimate. Feeling hungry? They have a delicious Southern menu you choose some as well. 
  • Where: 1429 9 Ave SE Calgary
  • When: Check out the lineup



  • What: Valentine's Day Escape to Azuridge Estate Hotel. The estate is hosting a gourmet 5 course a carte dinner and dessert in their Carnelian room. A chauffeur service to and from the estate is included in the Sweet Escape Package, as well as a bottle of Azuridge red or white wine with your meal.  
  • Where: 178057 272 Street West Priddis
  • When: Tuesday, February 14


  • What: Learn all about wine and chocolate pairing, with spectacular hand crafted chocolates and wines from around the globe including ports and bubbles.
  • Where: Willow Park Wines & Spirits Main Store Calgary
  • When: Tuesday, February 14


  • What: Try out a new restaurant in Calgary! Check out Open Table to see who is taking reservations this Valentine's Day. 
  • Where: Open Table
  • When: Tuesday, February 14