There's nothing quite like a beautiful snowy landscape in the middle of winter, especially when there's a proposal involved! Suddenly being outside in cold weather doesn't seem so bad. 

For Christmas Sam surprised Elisha with a romantic mountain getaway to Banff. He told her to pack hr bags and dress warm since they were to leave on Boxing Day. Sam wanted the getaway to be perfect (why, of course), so the day started out with a private and romantic sleigh ride for two. The tour included Bernard Callebeau chocolates, liqueurs, and an authentic Buffalo blanket to ensure the two stayed extra warm. They realxed as they took in the views of the meadows and mountains, and breathed the refreshing winter mountain air.

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Half an hour into the sleigh ride, they stopped at remote area. In the distance there was a picnic set up, with champagne and a fire. As One & Only crept from a distance, we knew Elisha knew what was about to happen as she began to cry. Sam got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and asked him to marry her. It wasn't long before Elisha was down on her knees as well, kissing Sam and saying "yes!"

It is rare that our clients invite us over after the proposal as they like to be alone (rightfully so), but Sam invited us over for a glass of champagne to celebrate the proposal. "Today went flawlessly, and I couldn't have done it without One & Only," said Sam. We couldn't be more excited for this wonderful couple and what is to come in 2017! Congrats Elisha and Sam!