Bad habits — we all have them. But many of us don't even realize how our little quirks and gestures are negatively affecting our loved ones. That being said, habits are seriously hard to break. There are also a handful of subconscious habits — eight to be exact — that do more harm than good in your relationship. 

1. You Enter And Leave Your Home Without Acknowledging Your Partner

It's as simple as how you leave the house for work in the morning. Avoiding touch, contact, or even an interaction with your partner can have a serious impact. A pre or post-work kiss goes a long way. If your schedules don't match up or you constantly find yourself rushing out the door, suggest finding little ways to show your partner that you're thinking of them — long after you walk out the door.

2. You Use Work To Avoid Your Partner

In this digital age, it's become increasingly difficult to separate work from home life. Enter a disagreement with your partner and you might as well continue burning that midnight oil instead of spending time with your loved one, right? Wrong. Your mate is your team partner, and you need to create a strategy for working together to solve them.

3. You Aren't Actively Listening

Next time your spouse is summarizing their work day or dishing the latest neighborhood gossip, count how many times you utter "mhm," "hm," and "oh." These filler words are indicators that you aren't actually listening. It may appear to your partner that you're listening but in fact, it's actually telling that you don't really care about the subject matter.

4. You're Uncomfortable Talking About Money

No matter how much money you have to your name, it's crucial that you discuss it openly and honestly with your partner, whether you share an account or not. Financial planning is very important for a happy marriage, but financial nagging isn't the way to go about it.

5. You Clear Your Throat

We all have little things that we do when faced with uncomfortable situations. The most telling of them all: clearing the throat. A lot of people clear their throat as a response to something they're saying or hearing that isn't going down well. This can get particularly dangerous if transforms from a nervous habit into a common behavior during communication with your partner.

6. You Disregard Their Needs

Think about it this way: If you were to go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, would you ask your partner if they wanted one? In a healthy relationship, both partners should try to fill each other's needs as well as their own. In short, if you're thirsty, there's a good chance your partner is too.

7. You Fight In Times Of Stress

You can't chalk up a full-blown argument to stress. Whether it's bad night's sleep, trouble at work, or lack of intimacy, there isn't a good excuse for fighting. Acting defensive instead of with reason and compassion can damage your partner's perception of you. If you let your partner know you're having a difficult day, that gives him or her a chance to be more thoughtful and considerate than usual.

8. You Let Them Fend For Themselves

There's nothing wrong with independence in a relationship.However, it's important that partners find ways to come together and lean on one another, literally and figuratively. Say you're watching TV with your partner. Do you hog the blanket or share it with them? It may sound simple but this little gesture indicates that you are both equals in a relationship.