"I’ll never forget our first date. Daniel picked me up from the dorm I was living in at Trinity Western University and we started talking and laughing as soon as I got in the car. We were driving to Vancouver from Langley, BC which typically takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic which really isn’t too bad. That is, unless you are so nervous and excited for your date that you start driving the wrong direction on the highway…Which is exactly what we’d done! Daniel made the simple mistake of taking the wrong exit and we must have driven a solid 20 minutes before either of us realized we were going the wrong direction. Embarrassing…for both of us. ;) 

It turns out when you like being with someone as much as Daniel and I liked being with each other it doesn’t really matter if you spend your time in a car, eating at a restaurant, or on an exciting date. We learned a lot while we were dating. We did long distance for what felt like eternity and it felt like we had overcome a lot with one another. We were a good team. 

One day, I was hanging out with one of my best friends and we were going to check out an art gallery her mom had recommended. I was getting skeptical as we walked past dark buildings with boarded up windows, and seriously wondered if we had come on the wrong night. I entered the gallery first and upon my first few steps inside was greeted with dozens of candles, blown up photos of Daniel and I lining the walls,  lights strung from the roof, and candles forming a path that led to a big, blank white wall. The blank wall lit up in front of me and I felt the strangest feeling knowing that this would forever be a day I would remember as one of the best days of my life. The video was Daniel, explaining why he had chosen to love me and wanted to marry me. As the video finished playing Daniel came out from behind a curtain, knelt down, and asked me to marry him. I said yes." - Brittany

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