So you’ve decided you’re ready, you are in the planning stages, and you’ve picked the perfect date. Or so you think. Take a moment, review our list of things to do, and be sure everything is set as should be.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, finalize everything on the below list, or don’t even know where to start – contact One & Only for a direct point of contact. Leave the details to us.

1. Did you talk to their family?

Although this tradition might date back, it is still important to start the marriage off in a way in which their family trusts you and is supportive throughout the entire journey.

2. Did you do your ring research?

They might have an idea of which exact ring they want, or they might not want a ring at all. Ensure you do your research to avoid letting them down, and proving that you know them better than anyone else.

3. Should you ask for help?

Whether it’s through a professional or not, a proposal isn’t something you can pull off on your own. You should make sure your idea is best before going ahead, because it’s always nice to have input from friends, family, or us!

4. Do you know their ideal moment?

If they are a more reserved person, or love to be the life of the party, know what’s ideal for them. Don’t do something public if it’s going to make them uncomfortable. Do invite their friends and family if they are important to them.

5. Should you celebrate the proposal?

You don’t want to pop the question in the most romantic way possible and then end the night there do you? Plan an event for afterward to make the night memorable, full of surprise and full of celebration.

We wish you good luck in creating a magical and memorable evening they’ll never forget.

You look great

3 Bonus Tips:

- Would your significant other want photography?
- Did you confirm all details with your vendors?
- Are you ready?

Let us know how it goes!