Ever wondered what some examples of a fairy-tale proposal are?
We got sick of wondering and just asked.

10 girls shared their perfect proposal story with us and are hoping it may come true.

Don’t guess if you’ve got it right.
Let us confirm that it is.

Somewhere exotic. We’d be travelling at the time, overlooking the beautiful scene- maybe the lit city below us while we’re on the Empire State Building, maybe a beautiful landscape while we’re on a bridge or a high trail. And there would be a moment where the world would just stop and we would stand there appreciating the world we live in. That perfect moment where we would both say how beautiful life, really is. It would happen then, taking my breath away. And a photo would capture the entirety of the moment- capturing us falling in love as if it were the first time. Yeah- that would be perfect. Pure. *sigh
— Ally U.

He sets up a romantic scavenger hunt that ends on top of a mountain with a brand new puppy with a ring around its collar. The view from the top of the mountain would be stunning, and a new dog wouldn’t be that bad either!
— Beth B.

It would really depend on the relationship I was in. I would almost want it to be in a place that was sentimental. Maybe where we met, or a place something big had happened in your relationship. If I got detailed maybe it’s where he first realized he loved me, or where he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, that sort of thing. Flowers would be a nice addition. And then it would all come down to the words he chose.
— Kyla H.

I definitely love being surprised, and really care about what he says. I’d rather somewhere not in public eye but on a more personal level. Sneak it in somewhere or something cool, like a fortune cookie! Written out somewhere or something that’s funny but sweet!
— Sarah M.

I think it would be great if we went for a hike to the top of some beautiful mountain right at sunset and you could watch the sun set and he could do it then. Either that or have you seen those like lock-rooms, or escape rooms? If you were trapped in one of those and you had to solve the clues and they’re all related to him proposing, when finally the last mystery in the room is him asking you to marry him!
— Shael B.

I think it would probably be at a lake, a weekend away at a cabin. And then we’d go for a walk and he’d let me walk a bit ahead of him and I’d look back and he’d be on one knee. And there would also be a photographer a fair distance away so we actually had it documented without doing it ourselves.
— Samera K.

I would want something unique that is tapered to what the two of you share, whether it be an interest or hobby. No cheesiness allowed.
— Lisa P.

I think I would want something more intimate/ private and I want it to be a big surprise! I’ve never been one to want a super public act like a flash mob or something... just something cute and just the two of us. It would be cool if there was a photographer there to capture the moment. Biggest things though would be the person, I’ve been waiting what seems like forever to get married to my best friend and I cannot wait to see him get down on one knee! And #2 element of surprise. I know I’m going to ball though so maybe not a super public area where the world has to see my ugly cry.
— Ashley H.

Breakfast in bed! With a side of a will you marry me and a ring! I like simple and to myself! And I’m a morning person so it would be so sweet for him to wake up before me get everything done.
— Courtney T.

We would be walking up a cliff face, I probably have two or three dogs, and I’m munching on a cliff bar. Once we get to the mountain top the view is gorgeous I’m guzzling some H20 and bae starts getting mushy…then BAM down on a knee and out comes the ring.
— Mackenzie D.

It’s clear to us that every single girl is different, and their personal opinions are a reflection of their imagination. We want to ensure that you can make a moment and take it somewhere that is beyond their expectations.

Take them to a top of a mountain, but when you arrive there is already a picnic waiting. Plan a romantic weekend away, without having to worry about any of the planning. The options are endless with One & Only on your side.

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