Proposals are special. But when a proposal is close to your heart, the meaning behind it becomes something more. When my brother-in-law, Jeremy, asked me to help him plan the proposal for his long-time girlfriend, the answer was an obvious “yes”!

With only three days’ notice (classic Jeremy), we decided on something simple and intimate, which, based on previous conversations with Ashley, was what we knew she would want.

At a neighborhood park nearby, he told her they would be going to play tennis. Little did she know, they would stumble upon a surprise picnic setup for the two of them.  

As I snuck photos from a distance, unable to hear the special words Jeremy shared with Ashley, I couldn’t help but tear up just by Ashley’s genuine reaction of pure happiness.

Love is such an amazing part of human life, and these two sure know how to show it.

Congratulations to the newly-engaged pair. We are so joyful we were able to share in this special moment!

“I’m still so happy. Thanks again for making yesterday everything
I thought it would be and MORE.”
— Ashley