One of the hardest parts about deciding how to propose, when to propose, and what to include in your proposal is knowing that your significant other has heard some pretty incredible stories from friends, watched some amazing videos online, and read some adorable stories in the paper. It can be stressful to make the competition look like a “turkey” compared to you (bowling puns for the win).

However, when it comes to competition the rival is none other than the amount of love you share for one another. Any event can be passionate, romantic, and intimate if it is in line with the way you spend most of your relationship.

Here is how to keep the fears of failure away during your proposal:

A spare can be as amazing as a strike

Things won’t always go as planned (unless you hire us, of course). We’re always bowling for the strike, but we need to understand that sometimes we’re going to end up with a spare. If you can’t rent out an entire stadium like Kanye, it’s not the end of the world. We need to be realistic about our plans and budget when it comes to the proposal. Because the wedding is where you may be splurging a bit more than normal.

We don’t use bumpers in this game

Proposals are the all-in, 100% committed, reach for the stars type of stories. When you’re planning a proposal you need to be sure that you are ready, and they are too. One of the things One & Only will discover during our 1 on 1 meetings are the details behind your relationship and story, along with the obvious traits that define true love. Don’t be afraid to dive right in, because the more we know the better.

Stick with us for the perfect 300

If you’re looking for no-stress, cost-effective, and unique ideas, we are here for you. Don’t get worked up about things that are out of your control. It is nice to have a team that can back you on all of your ideas, and complete the tasks. You’re coach, and we’re your players. Let’s get the job done right.

Overall, the best way to avoid the fear that can come with taking the next step in your relationship is confidence. You know your significant other better than anyone, which is why you’re ready to pop the question. Make your proposal better than the rest by contacting us today.

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