Last week was the 5th year wedding anniversary of a very special couple. Both wanted to be surprised, both wanted to celebrate their love, and both wanted to have some stress-free fun. 

One & Only had such a great time planning and organizing this event, as we were given the opportunity to shock them with just about anything (within budget, of course)!

Check out their reaction to the scavenger hunt below:

For some reason, our 5 year wedding anniversary mark was very important to me. I’m not sure why, but it’s been a crazy 5 years and I think if we can make it through this, then we can do anything.
We have also spent our relationship dreaming of ways we can work together more. We are both entrepreneurs, so talking about new businesses, dreams or opportunities happens daily! June 1 we launched CMNGD together and June 11 was our anniversary, I knew we both would be too busy to plan anything.
That’s why I contacted One & Only; they help set up, plan and deliver on proposals and I was hoping they could do the same for our anniversary. The process was great, we filled out questionnaires about our relationship (which was fun to reminisce) and then they presented us with 3 great options. I then asked them to just surprise both of us, I wanted something we both didn’t have to plan or choose, just to enjoy together.
I figured I would just receive texts throughout the day with our locations, but One & Only went above & beyond that! The day began with a present left on our doorstep. A romantic CD, a fish (yes a real live fish in a bowl) and our first clue.
We were off to go to AXE Throwing Calgary! Axe throwing for an anniversary? YES that is so us, we had mentioned we really enjoyed doing that in our initial conversations with One & Only. When we showed up, we were greeted with the best gift - our very own Mr. & Mrs. (personalized) axes!
Then our next clue led us to the restaurant where we had our first date - Cactus Club Cafe. The staff were so excited when we arrived! At our table was another surprise, a cartoon character of us! The manager even brought us champagne, along with our next clue, we were going back to our house.
When we arrived, we weren’t sure what to expect, perhaps another clue? As we looked out our back window, there was our very own private restaurant and a movie theatre set up in our backyard. No detail was overlooked, from the flowers to our fav snacks / drink to a cozy blankets and candlelight in our trees, even our new little fish had a note and purpose!
There was one last surprise, but this time from me. Dave had lost his wedding ring more than a year ago, we had matching rings (another story for another time!) but when I went to replace it, our rings were no longer available. I ended up finding a new ring for him and me. One & Only had it nicely placed at our table with our favorite pizza from Without Papers Pizza.
It’s all about the thoughtful details, and One & Only knows how to do this. We both felt so special, well taken care of and we couldn’t have done it better ourselves. Actually if we did it ourselves, it may have never happened!
I don’t think we can ever go back to planning our own anniversaries! There is something to be said about having someone else take care of all the details and have both people just relax and enjoy the day together. Plus at every place we went to, people were so excited for us and we got to talk about our relationship and how much fun this was (and how everyone needs to use One & Only!).
And yes, One & Only, you are stuck with us, put a recurring date in your calendar because we will be back every year… and all of our entrepreneur friends will be using you to plan dates, proposals and anniversaries. You may be the missing link in keeping relationships together :.

Happy Anniversary to Hannah & Dave, and cheers to the next.