Standing over 600 feet above the downtown Core, the Calgary tower has been an icon in the city for over 40 years. Spectacular views in every direction help turn brunches, lunches and dinners into meals to remember. (Maybe we’re a little biased, but hey, look at these views!)

Choosing a proposal, reception, or wedding venue can be extremely exhausting. But, we think this city has multiple venues that will suit whatever your style may be. And here are 5 ways to decide what would be best for you and your partner:

1) Find somewhere with meaning

Remembering back to the first place you met, the first place you told one another you were in love, or somewhere that just plain defines your relationship is the key. These are the memories that we will never forget, and they will translate into the location you choose.

2) Ensure there is an element of romance

What makes the person you love, well, the person you love? A venue can speak volumes about your style, and if your style is romance or intimacy, consider that upon booking. Guests love to see a spark of romance behind every new couple.

3) Explore a new experience

Maybe you and your significant other are more for adventure and excitement. If trying somewhere new is important to you, maybe a destination venue is for you. There is nothing more exciting than the surprise of a weekend away (on top of being proposed to).

4) Review, and then review some more

Venues are always fairly standard in what they can offer you on your big day, but they can also be missing things you very much need. Always check reviews and ask the tough questions. It never hurts to be overly prepared.

5) Make a new memory

This venue will forever be a part of your life, whether only through memory. We love all that Calgary and its unique locations have to offer, and you will too! We are always willing to work with clients to make a memory that can never be replicated or replaced.

As for Sky 360, you can enjoy unforgettable food and an award winning wine list at this unique dining destination. Check out our Facebook & Instagram accounts for a chance to win a perfectly romantic experience for two.