And it lasts longer when you use surprise

During our first meeting with Mel, our One & Only team asked him the same questions they do all their clients:

What's your partner like?

The meet-cute story about their first date was perfect. Mel met Trish at a Valentine’s Day dance and it didn't take long before and said he knew she was the one almost instantly.

Mel told us that Trish was one not to spoil herself. And he wanted to do that for her.

"She hasn't even used the spa gift certificate I bought her" he laughed.

Mel told One & Only that he has never been the romantic type, which is why this would be so perfect. "She will never expect it."

The day started like any other for Trish. She woke up to her loving husband of 24 years, and heard her kids scurrying around in the kitchen.

That’s when Trish heard something downstairs.

Her daughter who is attending university in Toronto was there! A surprise she never saw coming. And that was just the start.

Outside of their home awaited a limousine and a Calgary-based scavenger hunt. A surprise Trish would never expect from Mel, who claimed he wasn’t any sort of romantic.

But that was about to change, and fast.

Trish travelled to meaningful destinations across the city while picking up her family (and some treats) along the way. Each stop was dedicated to one of the reasons Mel loves Trish so dearly.

The last stop was a private brunch and surprise gifts! An anniversary for the books.

 “As an engineer, planning romantic events is generally outside my comfort zone, and certainly not one of my strengths.  For our 24th anniversary I engaged One & Only to help generate some ideas and then implement the one that looked most promising. 
The day turned out fantastic, and I am well positioned to get to the 25th anniversary.  The ladies really care about what they do and commit to the event being a success.  Not only do I recommend them, I expect to use their services again in the future.  Although I never would have had the sense to seek assistance on something like this when I was a little younger, I sure wish I had.  Thank you Sibyl and Alyssa!”

Marriages like these are the reason we love what we do at One & Only. The proposal was the start of their love story, and we appreciate having a chance to contribute to their still blossoming relationship.

Do you want to surprise the love of your life with a romantic day? We can help.