Making time to share special moments or evenings with your significant other is just as important as every other part of your relationship (if not more). We realize that sometimes it’s hard to plan a date night with our busy schedules or tight budgets, but we also realize that we get caught up in these things without even realizing.

When was the last time you spent a night completely cut off from all technology with your partner?

The fact that you even have to take more than 30 seconds to think of the last time, means it’s been too long. Our cell phones are so much a part of our livelihood that they have become an additional limb. They keep us connected to multiple people, but they’re truly disconnecting us from the ones right in front of our faces.

It’s time to take the time to get back to the nights you first were together. Wine them, dine them, and actually spend time conversing, talking about your goals, discussing your future. I think we sometimes forget why we are so in love with our person – and these types of dates will definitely remind you.

Here are 3 ideas to make your unplugged date night that much better:


Do something that will get your heart rate up and cause the spark to come alive! Head to an amusement park or do something active like rock-climbing or archery. Trying something you wouldn’t normally do together is a great way to learn more about who your significant other is as a person.



Head to the grocery store or market and let one another choose 3-5 ingredients for each other. You will then both need to make a surprise dish for your significant other to try (just like Master Chef Canada) using those particular items. Make it more interesting by turning it into a competition and having the loser buy dessert.



Not only will you be getting some physical activity in for the day, it will be easy to stay unplugged considering most of our lovely mountains lose cell phone service somewhere along the journey. Pack snacks, wine, and a blanket and spend a romantic meal at the top of the mountain together. Make it a beginner hike so that the focus is more on each other, rather than how brutal the incline is.



We have the perfect date night already set up at one of our favorite Calgary restaurants, Double Zero! Head to our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to enter to win a romantic 3-course wine pairing dinner.