Well hello, hello! Great to meet you and thanks for following One & Only!

My name is Sibyl Bigler and I am the Founder & CEO behind One & Only Proposal + Special Events. Clients that I have met have referred to me as the Female Hitch (love is my job, what can I say?). Am I happily single? Yes! Why? Because I am in love with making people happy. I will always stop to smell the flowers. I will put cheese on anything, and chocolate is my weakness. I don't like working out, but I will (if I have to). If I am not working, I am refurbishing my new apartment or going on random adventures to the mountains. I love giving back to the community by volunteering. My friends and family are my life. 

My parents were born and raised in Switzerland and started dating at an early age. A couple years into their relationship, Dad thought it would be a great idea to move to Canada (let's be honest, Mom was pissed). They decided to try the long distance, but at that time they needed to be connected through an operator. Since Mom didn't know any English at the time, they thought it would be best to send tape recorded devices to one another. On one of them Dad proposed! Dad flew back to Switzerland to get married, and on their honeymoon they both moved to Calgary, Alberta. They still like to say, "we are still on our honeymoon." 

I fell in love with their story early on in life. It was since then, every couple that I met along the way, I asked what their story was. How did they meet? How did they know they were in love? How did he propose? Yes... they are indeed personal questions, but heck, what can I say? I love asking! 

For a couple years I had the idea of One & Only, and honestly was hesitant to run with it. I was afraid to fail. One of my best friends gave me the heavy shove I needed (Alyssa, I can't thank you enough for giving me a swift kick in the ass). I knew all along I had the drive and passion to make One & Only happen, I just needed to believe in myself.  

I wanted to bring romance back to life - starting with coordinating and executing marriage proposals. I knew proposals were the one thing that a female didn't have control over, but likely had an idea envisioned for herself. Before One & Only launched, a random survey was conducted. 67% of the people that took the survey wished that their significant other would have proposed differently & would want them to do it over. 67%?!?! I mean... I'm not great at math... but if you break it down, that is a lot of disappointed couples. It all came down to, "he/she didn't have time to plan the proposal properly."

I knew One & Only was a necessary business. I decided to launch and work with any budget for romantic events (marriage proposals, anniversaries, unique date nights, birthdays, personalized getaways & random acts of romance), and guarantee that the partner will be truly surprised at how much thought was put into the moment and celebration. We take care of all the small and large details, leaving our clients to focus on enjoying the event as much as the love of their lives. 

We save you time, save you money, save you from unnecessary stress, and save the surprise... all while creating an experience, a memory and story that your partner will be proud to share.