We love a good outdoorsy proposal, and we weren't about to back down from our client's challenge when he said he was taking his soon-to-be fiancé down the mountain.

Especially during a picture perfect snowfall, a scenic backdrop, and a once in a lifetime memory.

Tanya's story:

"For me personally I had always thought when my day came for a proposal, it would be a calm & cool reaction. I can tell you- when my day came on March 12, 2016 I was so far from cool! 

Keven had planned a Valentines day get away for us. We both love the mountains & we get away so rarely that we were both looking forward to this time weekend.

"Pack your bags and get your board waxed, we're hitting the hill!"

We arrived at Sunshine Village on the early afternoon of March 12, 2016. Looking to get in a half day before check in. 

We get on the Gondola & realize Keven has forgotten his helmet & goggles. He was not happy with himself! I couldn't blame him, those are crucial necessities.

We get on the chair lift for Goat's Eye, he takes off down the mountain and last thing he yells out is "I'll see you at Sunshine Coast" I hadn't really heard him; but kept my eye out as I followed him. I'm a boarder & he's a skier. I may get some empathy from fellow boarders here- Sunshine has a lot of flat spots for us.

I see him ski over the crest and disappear & here I was slowly creeping along on a flat spot. I eventually catch up and make my way to the same crest, maybe 1-2 minutes. I see him, down the hill where Eagle creek & Sunshine Coast fork off into two runs, his gear off. 

Immediate thought -he's had a yard sale! I ride down to him, yelling "Kev are you ok?!"

As I get closer I realized he didn't bail. He was down on one knee. 

OH MY! Is that his hand in his jacket pocket? OH MY this is happening- RIGHT NOW!

I was close enough now that I dropped to my knees still strapped into my bindings & crawling over to him. Crying, shaking...again, not cool!

He didn't even need to say anything "YES, YES, YES a million times YES!"



"I am forever grateful to One & Only for taking the time,
attention to detail to execute a flawless proposal. 
I will never forget what you have done for Keven & I.
You have eternalized our engagement."