To date or not to date online... is there really a question?

I have had a couple of friends that have become serial daters (to each of their own). Date after date after date, only to find one guy they kind of like (finally)! But it becomes the same old story. 
"He ghosted."
"He hasn't called."
"I think he is seeing someone else."
"He is still on Tinder/Bumble."
"I saw he saw my SnapChat, but hasn't respond to my texts."

Maybe it's because I am a hopeless romantic, but I think when the timing is right, you will find your One & Only the old fashioned way... not through online dating. This is why. 


There is no replacement for living your life. If you restrict yourself to bars and clubs for meeting people, of course it may be tough! Try keeping busy living your life and you'll be surprised how many great people you will meet along the way (example: join kickball, take a class, start volunteering)

2. SEX
Online dating makes it that much easier for guys to have sex with women. Women already feel closer to men by reading their profiles and chatting before the first date. So, upon actually meeting, it mentally feels like the second or third date and the girl is that much more willing to enter into something physical. 

Say good bye to those sappy, humorous and fairytale "how we met" stories!

We all have that friend whose had 3 dates lined up back to back in one day. I mean, wouldn't it be more efficient to go on one date with someone you have a real connection with as opposed to spending time with multiple men that you swiped on based on physical appearance? Where is the compatibility anymore? 

5. $$$
Why pay for something, when you can get it for free. Sure, there are exceptions for those people who are super busy or those that are socially awkward, etc. But, single people managed to meet and marry before the era of online dating, and I optimistically suspect they still can.