"After meeting with One & Only to become partners in their proposal and special events business we were really interested in them planning our very first wedding anniversary on August 22nd, 2016. We asked them to do a scavenger hunt. I decided I didn't want to be part of the planning process because I had a hand in everything that happened on our wedding day the year earlier!

One & Only planned a scavenger hunt for a full day of fun! We rolled out of bed, opened the front door, and perfectly placed on our doorstep was our first clue and 2 venti coffees from Starbucks! (That was a big win since we are big coffee drinkers!) We waited until 2pm to open our first clue. We thought it would be fun to take our friends on our journey with us as we live streamed opening the first gift. I loved everything about the display, it had a beautiful jar of Skittles and crumpled up paper, as we slowly opened up the papers we figure out where we were going! PIPS! We rushed to the car to drive to Marda Loop, popped in our personalized CD of love songs (most of which we sang very loud to in the car.)

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Arriving at our first location we were greeted by the owner and staff with the biggest smiles knowing what we were there for. She lead us to our table and pressed play on a stereo that had a version of our first dance song playing! It made me so happy and reminisced about our reception on our wedding day. Now I understood the symbolism of the Skittles. Our song was "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Skittles ads are "Taste The Rainbow." Clever guys! Very clever!

Honestly choosing a game at PIPS was probably the hardest part about this section of the date!! They have hundreds of games! Our favourite was called "Patchwork" Its hard to describe what kind of game it is. I just suggest going there and trying it out! Best for 2 players. As we were sitting down figuring it out the staff brought us an epic cheese plate! BTW its not even on their menu! The Chef was so wonderful and put together a beautiful plate just for us! I was over the moon! We have never been treated so wonderfully! As we finished off the giant cheese plate, Elijah beat me at Patchwork, finished up our drinks we got our next clue! We were headed to BOLERO!

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We hopped back in the car pretty full from the cheese plate BUT if you have been to Bolero before you know that you need to eat absolutely everything they have to offer! The food was incredible but that is never a surprise going there! MY favourite dishes that they brought out was the grilled pineapple and anything beef! Mmm! Of course once we were filled to the brim with glorious meat we ordered the Tres Leche cake!! Again, strongly recommend this place for everything they offer especially this! As we finished up our server brought our 3rd and last clue of the day. The clue was about our very first kiss after we went to Color me Rad in 2013. They made us custom T-Shirts with our nicknames on them and our very own colour packets!! This was SO CUTE!!

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Rolled ourselves out of Bolero and headed towards home to get some pants (I wasn't about to run around in my new dress…) Unfortunately, the weather didn't really turn out for us that day. It was very cold and rainy. We were also too stuffed from the meal to continue the date #foodcoma. We went home and opened up our gifts from each other and spent the rest of the night with wine and talking about the last year, our favourite moments, and what we have planned for the future. I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life that is always up for doing things like this.

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Thanks to One & Only for making this day so special for us, introducing us to new things, and just making us feel so loved and so special. I can't even begin to explain the care they took in us that day. We can't wait to do this again with them in the future!"

Thank you <3

Kaela & Elijah