"I probably tell Shirley, in an evening, at least 10 or 12 times that I love her. Because as soon as I tell her, she's forgotten," mentioned Stan, Shirley's husband of 69 years.

Stan recalls the first time he met Shirley.

"I was the emcee for the YMCA dance on Saturday. We met and we danced all night. I took her home and I knew that was the girl I was going to marry. She was so loving and easy to get along with. She had a great personality. She melted my heart." 

Shirley Fryer has been living with Alzheimer's for the past 16 years.

When asked what will happen when his wife doesn't remember him anymore Fryer says the answer is simple, "'I'll certainly know her. That's the important thing."

Stan and Shirley's grandson, filmmaker Arun Fryer, made a stunning short documentary film about the couple, "Before She's Gone". Watch it below and click listen to hear Stan's story and advice for a long and loving marriage in the face of Alzheimer's.