...on a hot day

Don’t you absolutely miss those warm summer days spent on the back deck with the love of your life? You both have a cold beer, you’re both gazing into one another’s eyes, and you’re both wondering if this is the person you’re going to end up with forever?

Me too, and damn did it make me get sentimental.

You know, beer is a lot like a good partner. And every type of beer, is a different person’s love. Some you’re meant to be with forever, and some you’re meant to share memories with in fleeting moments that will never be forgotten.

Your high-school sweetheart…
more commonly known as Pale Ale

This was your first partner. You learned all of your firsts from them. They were always light-hearted, fun, and oh yeah, they had hops. You knew they might not be your forever, but you never had the heart to admit it because they were always so joyous. Your first love never fails.

Your very first rebound...
more commonly known as Stout

You needed someone a little bit darker at this stage in your life. Sure, they had a hint of sweet, but they were really just there to make you happy – like chocolate. If anything, you learned from your Stout, that you were ready for something a little bit more serious.

And that’s when you met your forever…
more commonly known as Lager

They sat somewhere in the medium-range. You knew they were reliable, fun, and had all of the flavours you were looking for in love. Not only are they popular with your friends and family, but they knew exactly how to win your heart and grow old with you.

Now that we are all beer experts, and truly want to spoil the love of our life as quickly as possible. Why not try National’s monthly beer dinners?! 


National holds monthly beer dinners focusing on a different brewery each month. Brew masters from each brewery are on hand to discuss brewing techniques and answer any questions, and often bring specialty or limited edition brews with them.

Dinners range from 4 to 5 courses, and National’s executive chefs carefully create special menus to compliment and pair perfectly with each brew. Beer Dinners are perfect for seasoned beer lovers, at-home brewers looking to learn more, or just for people looking for a fun night out! Beer dinners sell out fast, so make sure to follow @nationalbeerhall to stay up-to-date on what’s coming up!

Maybe this beer dinner is the night you truly make your decision about the person you know you’ll one day marry. And when that day comes – we’re here for you too.

What’s your favorite kind of beer love? Let us know in the comments!