So you’re ready to propose. You’ve thought of all the details. You’ve hired us (cough). And you picked the perfect ring. What’s missing?

The speech.

Those words they have been waiting to hear, the reasons you love them, reasons you’ll always love them, and how you knew they were going to be your forever.

We want to help you write the perfect words. And remember them.

Step 1 - Write down your most memorable moments

Before all else, start brainstorming some of your favorite memories and moments shared as a couple. Not only will it start to bring back great times, it will also get your creative juices flowing (even if you think you don’t have those).

Step 2 - Write down 3 of your favorite things about them

People love to be reminded of their uniqueness. What are some details about your significant other that you have admired since day one? Better yet, what are some small details that only you know about them? Personalize the speech in ways no one else could. After all, you know them better than anyone else.

Step 3 - Write down the experiences you can’t wait to have 

Not only have you had past memories you’ll never forget, but the beauty of a lifelong relationship is knowing now that you will be able to experience some of your bucket list items, your best times, your firsts, and even your worst moments together. If you can’t wait to travel, start a family, or build a home together – tell them.

Step 4 - Make them a promise you will keep

A vow to be their forever will almost always take their breath away. But what if you vow to a promise that is unique to them and your relationship? Now is your opportunity to have some fun with the speech. “I promise to love you no matter how much your obsession with dogs overtakes our romantic walks”. Be creative. 

Step 5 - Compile all the thoughts you’ve gathered

After doing all of the above, start compiling your speech into a beginning, middle, and an end. That high school English class you hated so much might finally pay off. Keep it short and sweet so that you aren’t scrambling to remember. And if it’s too much memorization, don’t be afraid to bring the paper with you and read right from it. The fact of the matter is that you put time into these special words, and have chosen to make this person your man or wife. And they love that.

Step 6 - Don't forget the magic words

“Will you marry me?”

Miranda Weston Photography

Miranda Weston Photography


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