...By following these steps

We all know that you want to blow your future partner out of the water with your ring choice (or theirs) by ensuring it’s everything they ever wanted. Deciding which cut, which color, and every other detail can be overwhelming if you’re not a jewelry expert yourself.

And no one expects you to be.

BUT, you can always convince them you are. By following these easy steps to find and choose the perfect engagement ring they’ve always dreamt of.

Step 1 – Decide your budget

Before you hit the jewelry store be sure you have thought about the appropriate amount of money to spend, and whether you’re financially able to purchase the “dream ring” they’ve always wanted. Making a large investment is important in any sense, but this one involves more than your bank account. It involves what some consider a testament to your love. So many people think relationships shouldn’t hold a dollar value – but for most, this is something you should decide before you start browsing.

Step 2 - Peruse their Pinterest

Although this step may seem obvious to some people, most don’t realize that their significant other has spent an outrageous amount of time exploring Pinterest and choosing all of their dream rings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they want based on a few images, and then choose something similar (or the same) that is within budget.

Step 3 – Ask a friend

Before you make the final purchase, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust, and that knows both you and your future fiancé. It’s an awful lot of pressure to make the decision on your own, which is why it’s never inappropriate to ensure you’re making the right one. The same goes with your proposal. Asking for help is always appropriate.

Step 4 – Do your research

You wouldn’t go buy a new vehicle without doing your research beforehand now would you? Try to do some research online regarding durability, options for bands, and what some of the most popular jewelers are in your city. A good review can go a long way as to save you time you may otherwise waste. Finding somewhere and someone you can trust to ensure you’re getting a quality product is very important.

Step 5 – Size matters

Whether or not you consider yourself sneaky, we strongly suggest finding a way to know your significant others ring finger size. Save them some time when it comes to adjustments. Everyone will want to see the ring immediately afterward, and it would suck if you had to send it back before they had the chance.

These 5 steps can save you a lot of stress, time, and money.

Who are some of your favorite local jewelers? Let us know in the comments!