…because trying new things keeps it fresh like pizza dough

As someone who has now been in a relationship for 5 years, I know that in order to keep things exciting with one another, it’s important to experience new things together on a regular basis.

Spending Saturday nights watching Netflix can be great, every once in a while, but what about spending a Saturday night out on the town, with a bunch of your closest friends, doing something you have never done before? With pizza? I mean, I’ve won myself over already.

Double Zero hosts a special group date in YYC that can involve your wedding party, best friends, best couples, or family. Bring the group for a great night of pizza making! You’ll learn from their pizza chefs about their specialty flour, how to roll the perfect dough, and get to choose from premium toppings. Each guest will get to show-off and share their creation, and stick around for a few drinks in the Double Zero lounge!

Not only can you try something new like this, but you can also surprise the love of your life with a romantic dinner at this location after One & Only’s “Looking for love in all the right places” package, and more!

Here are 5 reasons you and your significant other need to try new things to keep it fresh:

1)      It will provide an opportunity to learn something new about one another

2)      Trying something new together can allow you to grow as a couple, rather than individuals

3)      Once you attempt a new challenge together one time, doing it often will become much simpler

4)      Learning a new skill could not only benefit your relationship, but also your own self

5)      Doing something new can help you break out of a rut and switch up your routine

What are some fun dates you and your significant other have tried for the first time recently? Let us know in the comments!